I have enjoyed making the impossible happen for over twenty five years.

Process Control Systems, Software Control and Data Acquisition Systems, Telephone Systems, Traffic Control Systems, Laser Speed Guns, Avionic Mock Cockpits and Training Systems, Banking Terminals, Satellite Tracking Systems.

Over 30 years experience.

A reputation for doing what it takes.

Windows Applications, Linux Applications, Unix applications. DOS, Windows, WinNt, Win2k drivers and services. Linux drivers, Linux LibHID USB drivers. Assembly level coding, C, C++, C#, Java, Pascal. I've given every reasonable request a shot.

The willingness to take point, and be the self starter you need.

1986 - Created an automated test suite for the Intecolor 8800 process Control Terminal Firmware Release Quality Assurance. The three part test required special hardware and drivers, and ran under DOS 2.11. The code tested for 1) all known bugs, 2) compatibility to the prior product line in emulation mode, and 3) graphics mode.
1989 - Created a touch screen based user interface that controlled a fixed base Aircraft Flight Management Situations Trainer. This simple program controller system access (login), initialized the system on a per user, per location, and per situation (lesson plan) basis. A new feature was a freeze/save/restore simulation mode.
1994 - Created a TI DSP based obstacle detection system, used a weak split beam laser rangefinder and some DSP code to identify objects in a vehicles blind spot for a big three automobile manufacturer.
1995 - Created a Laser Rangefinder. Created a rudimentary embedded OS to determine range and speed of target, and display/stream data to user. Lead software effort from chip selection to product rollout.
1997 - Created a Windows based Automated Test Suite for production department use. Software was used by remote manufacturer to QA medical test devices.
1998 - Developed Paper Tiger Simulation of debit card reader / PIN entry device in VB. Simulation was accepted as Proof of Concept, and I implemented the design on the actual hardware.
2004 - Designed and built roadside sign board to DOT specifications using POTS hardware and embedded Linux. Expanded design to include audio/radio messages.
2004 - Designed and implemented Windows (VSC++) host to display current status and control remote signs via serial/radio/socket links.